Half Dressed’ Cork & Hemp Lead.
Half Dressed’ Cork & Hemp Lead.

Half Dressed’ Cork & Hemp Lead.

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Our leads are made from our natural cork and hemp, making them super strong!

Available in three different hardware colours and two lengths.

Our leads have a cork and hemp handle and a super strong swivel clasp on the end.

Halfway down our leads there is another panel of cork, this is for comfort in case you need to hold your dog on a shorter length. Also super useful for when training to walk to heel!!

If you have visited us through Instagram, please leave your @ handle in the notes, so we can tag you! We love to keep you up to date on your order.

Cork eventually wears just as other materials do, always be sure to check for signs of wearing before using your lead.

We do not seal our products or treat them with any non-eco chemicals.

Due to the nature of our products being completely natural you may find that the colours can fade and the cork will ware - similar to natural leather.

Please get in contact if you have any queries in regards to natural cork products being what you’re looking for!!