Coloured Cork Talk

Our coloured cork may not stay as vibrant as other materials, such as biothane, or real leather.

This is mostly due to the fact that our materials are 100% natural.. the cork has to be coloured, which therefore results in fading - if only there were rainbow cork trees growing, all of our prayers would be answered!!
You may not know this, but cork is naturally water-resistant, meaning that any type of colour put onto the cork will only ever stain the outer layer, as unlike other fabrics and materials, cork actually resists being anything more than it’s beautiful natural state.
So if you have a dog that likes to do everything in their power to get wet, muddy, and anything else that we’d rather them avoid.. then maybe our coloured cork collars are better saved for Sunday best.
That being said, our natural and hemp backed collars LOVE to get down and dirty, and are super easy to clean up!